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Marked map with project location and head office

Alem Ketema (ETH)
Project site

Bochum (GER)
Enactus RUB e. V.


Teora is a project initiated by Enactus Ruhr-Universität Bochum e. V., an independently operating German regional association of the international non-governmental organisation Enactus.

Enactus RUB e. V. was founded in Bochum in 2009 and is geographically located at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Our pilot project is to start in Alem Ketema. The city is located in the centre of Ethiopia. About 180 km south of the city is the capital Addis Ababa. With about 28,000 inhabitants, it is rather small compared to the capital. Alem Ketema is located on a plateau of 2300 m. Thus, the place belongs to the warm climate zone of Ethiopia. Below 1800 m is the hot zone and above 2400 m the cold zone. Alem Ketema is a twin town of Vaterstetten in Bavaria. Through this city, we are provided with contacts and thus also with rooms and technical equipment on site in Alem Ketema.

With local instructors for beekeeping we want to teach small farmers how to beekeep sustainably and efficiently, so that they can generate a higher income. With the foundation of a cooperative, we also support the project participants in building a long-term distribution network.

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