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located in Alem Ketema

Current Situation

Ethiopia is one of the oldest and poorest countries in the world. Out of a population of around 98 million, about 30 percent of the Ethiopian people live below the poverty line. Ethiopian smallholder farmers suffer particularly badly in the face of the poverty that prevails there.

Growing food is just enough to provide for one's own family, but not enough to accumulate savings beyond that. Even a single crop failure can be enough to permanently damage a family's general, health and economic situation.

As a result, many parents cannot offer their children the opportunity for education. The consequences are often a lack of perspective and no chance for a better life. The result is a vicious circle that is difficult to break.

These farmers do not lack intellectual capacity or ambition. They lack opportunities and support to realise their goals!

Ethiopia with marked Project Site

Our Solution

  • Teaching farmers about modern beekeeping through workshops

  • Providing appropriate bees 

  • Providing local produced beehives 

  • Establishing a cooperative

  • Processing and distribution of honey

Alem Ketema


  • Additional earning opportunities

  • Removing financial entry barriers

  • Knowledge sharing

  • Helping reaching their goals

  • Conservation of biodiversity through species protection

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